Terms & Conditions of Service

All clients must read, and agree to, the following terms and conditions before booking

with Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash.


Grooming Policies by Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash

Pets are accepted for grooming with the following conditions being met and accepted by owner or responsible person.

1. Owner presents a pet that is healthy enough to be groomed. Grooming may expose pre-existing health and skin problems for which Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash cannot be held liable for. Grooming on an elderly pet or pet with health problems is at owner’s risk. 

2. Owner agrees to pay for all grooming services deemed necessary by Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash for the best interest and well-being of the pet. 

3. If fleas are present, a flea bath soak will be given at owner’s expense. 

4. Owner understands that all quoted grooming prices are ESTIMATES and may be increased based on coat condition, skin condition, special handling needs, demeanour of the pet and by all other additional services requested or deemed necessary or other special requests made by owner. 


5. Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash will endeavour to inspect, quote and advise upon collection of any extra charges (e.g. matting or flea bath). However, sometimes our groomers can miss severe matting, fleas etc upon collection. When these incidents occur, the groomer will attempt to notify the client, by phone and/or text, and the appropriate charges will be added to the previous quoted price.

6. Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash believes in comfort over vanity. Therefore, if a dog is presented with heavy-severe matting, it may require a full shave off. By accepting these terms and conditions, the client agrees to their dog being shaved off if they present with heavy-severe matting.


7. Brush-outs are only available to dogs whom have light matting (e.g. can easily be brushed out without causing discomfort/pain) to Minimal areas of the body. A brush-out fee of $15 per 10 minutes applies.

8. Owner understands that de-matting, shaving, clipping, stripping, and carding may cause hair loss, patchiness, skin irritations, sores, or cuts and may expose pre-existing skin conditions. If any of these incidents occur, Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash holds no responsibility for costs incurred due to owner’s negligence.

9. Owner understands that pet's nails will be clipped, thus with the possibility of exposing the quick, which may or may not bleed, at the time of grooming but therefore may afterwards. In the event nails bleed during pet's grooming service, Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash will apply septic powder (Quick Stop). If pet's nails bleed after grooming appointment, brown sugar or corn starch can be applied to stop bleeding, if septic powder is not available. 

10. Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash will exercise all due responsible care to prevent injury or illness to owner’s pet. Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash takes full responsibility for injuries caused by their staff during the grooming process, excluding in the events outlined in terms 5 and 6. However, in the event of illness, injury, or death caused by pre-existing conditions, the owner and said responsible person of the pet will not personally hold liable the owners Jaydan and Tania Eccles, or any staff of Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash for such instances. 

11. Owners authorizes Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash to seek emergency veterinarian care while pet is in their care, at owner’s expense, if deemed necessary for the health and well-being of the pet. 

12. Owner is responsible for all property damage or injury to a person caused by their pet while under the care of Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash. 

13. Owner understands, that due to policies and insurance regulations, NO ONE is allowed in the mobile grooming salon while a pet is being serviced. 

14. Cancellation policy: 48-hour notice is required or a $25 fee (Per-service booked) will be charged to your credit card on file or applied to your pet's next grooming appointment.