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Service With A Smile

Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash is a mobile dog grooming service franchise which was founded in 2016. The business was established by mother and son duo, Tania and Jaydan in their residential backyard in Mill Park, Victoria, Australia. Originally the business was to be based at home and called ‘Tani’s Dog Grooming’ however, after letter-dropping flyers around Mill Park and surrounding areas, they realised that there was greater demand for a mobile groomer in the area. Within weeks, Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash was born. 


After purchasing a second-hand dog grooming trailer, Tania and Jaydan worked tirelessly to get it up to scratch. Tania started working on the road, while Jaydan focused on advertising and marketing. The business quickly took off. Two jobs a day quickly became five jobs a day and then seven and then we were struggling to fit anyone else in. Jaydan purchased another second-hand dog grooming trailer and worked around the clock to get it on the road within two weeks. Within just a couple of months, the business had grown enough to enable two groomers to work seven days a week and still be booked out for at least two weeks in advance.  


In 2016, Tania and Jaydan began Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash by personally distributing over 22,000 flyers to the areas of Wollert and Epping, as well as 5,000 flyers in Mill Park. With two trailers on the road, their clientele built up steadily.  Between 2019 and 2020, Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash welcomed three franchisees and expanded their areas of service twice, with more franchises and expansions expected in the near future. 


Tania E. 


Tania is the co-founder of Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash. She is a single mother to three children – Tara, Adrian and Jaydan. Tania’s life has been one of struggle and strength. From a young age, she has battled health issues and made it through. Her family joke that she has more lives than a cat. In 2013, after many years of being stuck in dead-end jobs that never fulfilled her needs, Tania decided to pursue a career in working with the one thing she loves more than her children, dogs. She signed up for a dog grooming course and so began her journey to become a qualified dog groomer.  

Jaydan E. 


Jaydan is the co-founder of Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash. He lives with his partner Elizabeth, whom is also a part of the franchise. Building Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash has helped him become confident and that confidence has helped the company to become what it currently is today. Jaydan has worked along-side his mother, Tania and put in hours of unpaid work to ensure that Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash thrives. During the early stages of set-up in 2016, Jaydan also partook in Certificate III in Dog Grooming.  

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