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Elizabeth (Liz)

I was really looking for a new type of career since I really didn’t like the job that I was stuck in. I cannot tell you how excited I was to start up my own dog grooming and walking company in 2016. I love that i get the opportunity to meet all different types of dogs personalities and there beautiful owners. After getting the “Grooming Bug” I attended every seminar about grooming that I could and just about every local dog show. I love everything about my job.


I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a dog around. My family has always had dogs and they were constant family members. Currently i have 2 dogs… Echo (Labrador) and Dakoda (Labrador cross) of which i love unconditionally and i know they love me as much as i do them. My true passion is "training and grooming dogs" there is no other job that comes close to the satisfaction i get from working within this industry. Jay. 

Hi, my name is Tara. I have joined Tani's team in January 2019 and am enjoying meeting furry new friends. I have been around animals my entire life and cannot remember any time where I haven't had at least one dog. Currently I live with five dogs and two cats. I have come from childcare and, although I miss the industry, I believe it has provided me with the kind, friendly behaviour needed to handle, and make friends with, the various pooches I have come across.


Dogs mean the world to me. I am a dog lover and have been all my life. My two fur babies Lulu and Joey are now 6 years old and I couldn’t live without them. I am so happy to be in the grooming industry. Being around dogs every day is a dream come true. When a dogs walking beside you, life’s journey seem a lot easier. I'm very grateful to be part of the team at Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash . Liz


Tani's Mobile Doggy Wash has been a long-time supporter of the Pet Industry and we are always delighted to sponsor Industry events and organisations such as Lort Smith Animal Hospital & Assistance Dogs Australia. We are now very proud to offer this support to talented individuals who are driven to improve their knowledge in their professional careers and we encourage their goals.


M. 0434256817

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