Dear clients,


You may have eagerly watched the announcement today by our Premier, Daniel Andrews, regarding what will happen with businesses now we are in Stage 4 Lockdown. Unfortunately for Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash, groomers do not make the cut to stay open. It is therefore, with great regret and sadness, that we announce that as of 11:59pm on Wednesday August 5th 2020, Tani’s Mobile Doggy Wash will close its doors for 6 weeks.


You may ask, “What does this mean for my existing future booking?” If you are already booked in with us between the dates of Wednesday August 5th and Sunday September 13th, your appointment will automatically be rescheduled to 6 weeks time in order of booking. Appointments will be kept to the same day and time as your existing appointment. If the new appointment time does not suit, please contact us straight away to reschedule.


You may ask, “What if I need to book in my pooch once you reopen?” For all non-existing bookings, we will endeavour to have our online booking system back up and running once we have rescheduled those mentioned above.


Please note that we are completely booked out for Wednesday August 5th and are not able to accommodate anymore bookings.


We thank you for your understanding in this time of a crisis and we look forward to providing our services in the future.


Take care and we will see you all soon.


Team Tani (Tania, Jaydan, Tara, Liz and Russell)

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